How a bookkeeping service will grow your business in 2016

Many entrepreneurs think they can do it all when they first start their business. In the beginning, doing everything from administrative tasks, marketing, and bookkeeping might not be a choice but necessity, since funds are strapped and there is barely any cash flow.

There comes a time when delegating certain aspects can actually help your business, even if it costs money. One of those tasks is bookkeeping. Here are some ways a bookkeeping service will help grow your business in 2016.

  1. Free Up Time

If you can choose only reason to hire a bookkeeper, this would be it. Keeping track of all your records and receipts is a lot of work. The longer you stay in business, the higher your chance of tax investigation. If you don’t have up-to-date financials, you’ll get fined.

Even with DIY software, to stay on top of all this takes time out of your business; that’s time you can use to dream up more ventures, network with others, or even take some time off to recharge. So this is one area of your business you don’t want to skimp on.

  1. Spot Trends or Catch Errors

When you’re doing your own bookkeeping, it’s easy to become myopic. Your cash book might be up-to-date and you might have a paper trail for everything, but what does that actually mean? Can you analyse your financial data and see exactly where your business is going, or uncover new opportunities? A bookkeeping service helps spot trends in your financials or catches errors that will likely be problematic.

  1. Tax Preparation

It’s hard to find anyone who’s terribly excited about filing tax returns. A professional bookkeeping service is knowledgeable in all the tax credits your business can claim and reducing tax liabilities.

With proper documentation, a bookkeeper can also help you avoid tax investigation. Because tax rules and regulations change on a constant basis, getting help from a professional will save you time and headache from learning about tax returns yourself.

  1. Manage Cash Flow

A bookkeeping service can help you look at your financial snapshot and identify where your business is profitable, where you’re losing money, and where to make changes. They can also help your invoices get paid in a timely manner. By being able to forecast cash flow, you’ll ensure your business doesn’t get into unnecessary debt to cover your overhead. You’ll also know where to redirect funds to improve your business and when to seek additional capital.

It’s easy to shy away from spending money on professional services, especially when starting out. Also, not all small businesses need to hire a full-time bookkeeping service. But having such a service at your disposal can free up your time and provide a different perspective on your business’s financials.

It’s easy to get caught up on day-to-day activities that you sometimes miss the big picture. A bookkeeping service can handle the financial paperwork, help improve your cash flow, and spot opportunities so you can focus on developing your business instead.

If you’d like any more information about how a bookkeeping service could help your business in 2016 or are looking for an accountant in West London don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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