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  • How a bookkeeping service will grow your business in 2016

    Many entrepreneurs think they can do it all when they first start their business. In the beginning, doing everything from administrative tasks, marketing, and bookkeeping might not be a choice but necessity, since funds are strapped and there is barely any cash flow. There comes a time when delegating certain aspects can actually help your […]

  • Changes to Non-Dom Status in the UK

    A person with non-domicile status is someone whose permanent home is located outside of the UK. It has been a system integrated into British law for over 200 years and allows people to reduce the tax they pay from overseas earnings. The non-dom ruling has gained controversy over recent years as the wealthiest seek to […]

  • Avoiding financial issues when running your own business

    As an accounting firm, we were horrified to learn that more than half of businesses don’t survive past their fifth year. Without proper budgeting, a decent ‘’cash in, cash out’’ log and well-kept books, it’s easy to trap yourself- and your business- in the black holes of disorganisation and loss, with nothing but empty accounts […]

  • Pension Auto Enrolment

    Here at West London Accountants, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from employers about Pension Auto Enrolment. Pension Auto Enrolment, AKA Automatic Enrolment, is a law which means all employers must automatically enrol their workers into a workplace pension scheme. While your employees do not have to do anything (hence the “auto”), it certainly […]

  • Start-up financing mistakes: Part two

    Welcome back for the second part of our start-up financing mistakes blog. We know you’ve been waiting, so without further delay… Not Doing Anything About Your Credit This one is serious. You’ve jumped through a myriad of hoops to get your business off the ground – forming an entity, pouring hours into deciding whether to […]